FunfulHome Boar Bristle Hair Brush + Travel Size Natural Wooden Detangler Comb for Women, Men, Kids with Dry,…



Tired of dealing with dry hair & relying on chemical hair products?
Show your hair who the real boss is!

Discover the best kept secret of professional stylists: A natural brush that gives you shiny & healthy hair.

Nature’s Hair Conditioner – Without Toxic Chemicals or Crazy Price Tag!
No. This is not a fad. In fact, this hair wisdom has been passed on for centuries.

Our Pure Boar Bristle Brush redistributes your hair oils from root to tip, leaving every strand moisturized. Within 7 days, you’ll see a noticeable improvement in your hair quality – Results unrivalled by any synthetic brushes.

🌟Why You Need the FUNFUL HOME Boar Bristle Brush
1.Most Superior Form of Brush -Boars bristles contain Keratin, a protein that strengthens our hair. They’re delicate enough for Babies & Sensitive Scalps.
2.Extend Days Without Washing Your Hair – Boar bristles draw out dust in your hair, so you can wash your hair less to retain moisture
3.No More Grease or Frizz by reducing the oil build-up on the scalp
4.Add Shine & Moisture to Dry, Damaged Hair
5.Faster Hair Growth by stimulating your scalp’s blood flow
6.FREE Travel-Sized Wooden Detangler to easily remove hair knots
7.”No-Poo” Method -Join the holistic movement to enhance hair quality
8.Save Money -The more you use our Boar Bristle Brush, the less you’ll depend on styling products

Who is it Perfect For?
Men, women & children with Straight, Curly, Wavy, Long, Short Hair
Normal, Medium, Thin, Fine Hair Texture (*Thickness of each hair strand, not hair density)

100% Refund Guaranteed!

There may be an initial smell from the wood polishing & boar hair. Simply leave it out to air dry & the smell will fade away. Please be assured this does not affect the quality of your brush.

Buy The Hairbrush Stylists Swear By!

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