Mao Bamboo Toothbrushes Set (9 Pack for Your Family) 3 Sizes Individually Numbered Perfect for Kids and Adults |…




We Are THE ONLY Bamboo Toothbrush Who Brings Closer Family Ties

✔It comes in three sizes in one packaging to ensure that all of your family members are accommodated. It will be a perfect fit for your kids’hand to give them a more ergonomic feel of their own toothbrush. It can be used in at home during bath time, at your workstation for personal hygiene, or during outdoor activities. Parents will have quality time to teach their youngsters about oral health. It also gives your kids more reasons to enjoy toothbrush time with a healthy cute smile.

✔For toddlers, preschoolers, grade-schoolers, teens & adult, bath time, office hygiene and more…

Super Soft & Medium Soft Charcoal Infused Bristles Sustainable Toothbrushes

✔Oral care for the whole family will take on a whole new meaning with the Mao Eco friendly toothbrushes.

✔Moms and Dads love Mao Organic Tooth brushes! With the charcoal-infused soft bristles, you and your kids will feel fresh and have cleaner and whiter teeth. Bristles are perfect for the kids to protect them from mouth sores and gum infections. Parents’ are medium-soft to allow them to have a whole mouth clean feel and remove unnecessary plaques in between teeth.

Safe, 100% BPA Free & Environmentally Friendly

✔Your family’s teeth deserve compostable toothbrushes made by mother nature. The toothbrush’ body is made of giant bamboo called “Maozhu bamboo” from the provinces of China where Pandas live. The wood handle toothbrush’s body is heat treated to make it not easily absorb water and limit the development of mould. After brushing, let the reusable toothbrush dry naturally.

Zero Waste Gift

✔Perfect as a gift to your colleagues and loved ones who wants to reduce plastic waste.


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